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        Jinjiang Municipal Committee Delegation Visits Tianjin Shengxiang Group

        date:2019-01-24 author:admin times:746次

        From June 21 to 22, 2018, six leaders, including Minister Wu Zhongliu of Jinjiang Municipal Committee and Director Hong Chaoshen, visited Tianjin Shengxiang Group for two days.



            Chairman Ke Jinxiang led Minister Wu Zhongliu and other leaders to visit the sand table of the park, and explained the planning of the park in detail.



        On June 21, Minister Wu Zhongliu and other leaders visited Beijing Amethyst Cube Technology Co., Ltd., an excellent enterprise in the park. Chairman Wang Shidong of Amethyst Cube gave a detailed introduction to 3D printers and 3D printing products. Minister Wu Zhongliu believed that 3D printing technology had great application prospects not only in industry, but also in education. According to Wang Shidong, the founder of Amethyst Cube, it is in these two areas that the company is working hard to accelerate.



        On the morning of June 22, Chairman Ke Jinxiang accompanied Minister Wu Zhongliu and his delegation to visit Baodi Industrial Park of Shengxiang Enterprise. General Manager Ke Jinxiang and heads of various departments of the factory introduced the production machinery and products in detail.

        On the afternoon of June 22, Chairman Ke Jinxiang accompanied Minister Wu Zhongliu and his delegation to visit Zhongsheng Automobile Industrial Park in Jinnan District, Tianjin.

        Minister Wu Zhongliu and his delegation participated in the inspection of Tianjin Northern Performing Arts Group Stage Art Co., Ltd., which was an excellent enterprise. The company's principals gave a detailed introduction to the company's business scope, operating conditions and cooperative enterprises. Minister Wu Zhongliu showed great interest.





        Minister Wu Zhongliu and his delegation visited Tengchuang (Tianjin) Precision Mold Co., Ltd. General Manager Keyipei introduced in detail the working principle and production products of the bus driver in the production workshop.

        The two-day visit was very informative. Each enterprise has its own merits, but they are all in the ascendant. They have the endurance to go ahead with difficulties and burdens, and the ability to keep pace with the times and to accept new things. They rely on the park, help each other and move forward together.


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